01. Helmsman | Ambulance LTD
02. Disappearing | The War on Drugs
03. Sleepwalking | Deerhunter
04. Try Not to Breathe | R.E.M.
05. Horizon | Real Estate

"Dig deep where you are. Don't slip off elsewhere." - Robert Bresson, Notes on the Cinematographer

"It is a common and repulsive slur to say of a man that he is feminine, that he thinks or acts like a woman. I am proud to say that I am feminine; that I try to think like a woman. I have never approached a character as a man, but as a curious, caring person—which in my history is a woman." - Marlon Brando

2nd year graduate film school

Commander Cas Network

re-watching SPN season 9

Currently watching The Sopranos as well


The truth will save you, Scully. I think it’ll save both of us.


All those months of taking it for granted that Peeta thought I was wonderful are over.


Photo Credit : raloria


Kristen Stewart photographed during the Cannes Film Festival 2014


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Fight The Future


Dean and Sam + 11 for bowleggreeneyedhunter, stephaniegrantrogers, and acandybar—afallingstar ♥

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the others, before me, did they let you get away with this kind of thing?


spn 9x4